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Wanstead on Good Friday

The traditional Good Friday ecumenical procession of churches through Wanstead will start from Wanstead Methodist Church on Hermon Hill at 10.30am. Just so you know. Pictures welcome at [email protected]


Bluebells bluebells bluebells

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHard to go wrong photographing the bluebells in Wanstead Park. But ace snapsman Clive Power has definitely done something right. Click to enlarge.

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Wanstead door-fishing warning

Wansteadium reader Rebecca, a resident of the Counties, writes:

As a subscriber to your news and updates I thought a quick email might be of value…
We were disturbed at about 4am when someone was (we think) attempting to ‘fish’ through our letter box and take car keys.

Luckily we don’t leave them near the door but this doesn’t mean that we weren’t pretty frightened at the thought of our security being compromised.

I just thought it might be handy to give the residents of Wanstead a gentle reminder about letterbox crimes. It’s certainly made us re-evaluate our home security. Keep keys away from the door, even consider getting something to obstruct anything other than letters coming through, for example this. More info here.


Rubbish question **(now with extra added answer)**

Answers on a postcard please.

UPDATE: Answer came there like this:


Wanstead station gardening update

Marian Temple, guerrilla gardener, who invited Wansteadium readers to join her in sorting out the garden areas around Wanstead Station last Sunday morning, writes:

Obviously this was the place to see and be seen. Unfortunately, quite a few people were going off to see a crowd of people running 26 miles. Not a brilliant piece of organisation on the part of M. Temple! However – five of us met at the station for a “clean up sad patches of soil” session.

Amazing how much we got done. Masses of weeding, and it’s the right time to do it as the weeds are not yet at the point where they shed seeds as you yank ‘em out. Masses of litter removing, a whole green bag full of recyclables. Station staff happy to fill our watering can. Geraniums planted on the outer patches where they should delight Wansteadians later on in the season and bits of other plantery happened.

We need another session to clean up – maybe three more patches and start a bit of serious planting. Also, I’ve got loads of wild flower seeds which can be scattered around. Suggest this Sunday 20th 11.00 at the station. Hopefully, nobody will be running 26miles but I expect there’ll be some other unmissable event to give us competition. Never mind. All welcome, kids especially. No gardening experience at all necessary but might be useful to bring any garden tools and gloves if you have ‘em.

See you at the station. Marian Temple.

UPDATE: Ouf! I see that the 20th is actually Easter Sunday. Why do these events keep getting in the way of serious Wanstead plantery? Nevertheless, we’ll stick to this date and hope that a few people can come along. My thinking is that the weekend is the best time for many people but at this time of year, it’s wise to get rid of weeds as soon as poss. Another week of glorious sunshine and they’ll be joyously shedding seeds as we pull them out. I expect there will be another session after this one so watch this space.