Great views of Wanstead from above

A still from  Haz Anwar's drone footage.
A still from Haz Anwar’s drone footage.

Not everyone likes the idea of drones, but there’s one thing they’re definitely good for: aerial photographs. Haz Anwar has posted on YouTube a video taken on George Green with a drone which gives excellent views of the green looking towards Cambridge Park.

It makes Wansteadium wonder… obviously there have been photographs of George Green taken from the sky. Just last week Tim Peake took a photograph from space which clearly showed Wanstead Flats (if you looked closely enough). But has a film of George Green ever been made from a few hundred feet high? Ever?

Well, whatever. Enjoy.

(Users of iPhones will need to click here to see the film.)

Overheard overhead?

Have you noticed, above the sound of the wind and rain, an increase in aircraft noise in the past few days? Or conversely have you noticed much less noise than normal?

If you have, the reason might be a change in the way planes from City Airport are being routed. The airport has introduced new technology which makes planes fly along a much more accurate path, meaning they do not divert and so – in theory – fly over fewer houses. The flipside of that is that they fly over the same houses more often.

The changes were debated more than a year ago, though many campaigners felt there was not enough public consultation. And the more accurate flightpaths came into effect last weekend, hence the possibility of changed noise overhead.

The map below which we ran on Wansteadium in 2014 shows the difference between the two routes (plotted as accurately as we could manage). The lighter-shaded shapes show the former, larger, area which was flown over. The darker lines show the more accurate routes. (If you want to know the detail of why there are two different directions, it’s all to do with which way the planes use the runway, depending on the direction of the wind.) The clumsy “W” is Wanstead, more or less.

There is more detail in the article we ran in Nov 2014, which you can find here. And if you’ve noticed a difference either way, do get in touch.

Gee that was heavy rain

Wanstead rainfall on Sunday 7 Feb 2016

The rainstorm which hit Wanstead on Sunday night was a belter – although no trace of it was left by this morning.

As measured by Scott Whitehead, resident Wanstead weatherman who tweets as @wanstead_meteo the peak was 40mm/hour. Though not historically high – he says he’s seen twice that level in summer downpours – he did tweet that he couldn’t remember such noisy rain.


A robot’s guide to “Wan. Stead”

We’re not sure why anyone would go to the trouble of putting this video together but they have, and if we don’t appreciate the rather random nature of facts, pictures and weird synthesised voice, then no one will.
Particularly enjoyable are the way the voice says Wanstead, and the year 1824. And in true clickbait style, you’ll NOT BELIEVE point six!!!

(If you’re an iPhone user, you will need to click here.)

If we were to find fault with the video it’s that the facts are just too darned interesting. Surely we can, together, come up with more boring facts than the six the robot chose??

Wanstead weekly photo

Another treat from @wanstead_e11 on Instagram. Remember, you can submit your photos for Wanstead Weekly Photo by tagging Wansteadium on social media or email us at

Tom Hardy in Wanstead: The photo!

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: The photograph which proves Tom Hardy was in Wanstead today, filming on Taboo, the BBC serial he wrote and is starring in.

Cast of Taboo in Wanstead.  Copyright Marcus Tylor (see London News Pictures for more shots)
Tom Hardy and cast of Taboo at St Mary’s church in Wanstead. Copyright Marcus Tylor (see London News Pictures for more shots)

Anyone with updates or more photos please let us have details at


Tom Hardy on set
Cast members arriving in Wanstead for the filming this morning. Photo Marcus Tylor






Wanstead’s new micro-restaurant

It’s a week for restaurant innovations. After we reported the news of Snaresbrook’s forthcoming Italian grill Bombetta, Aldersbrook diners have been keen to share their enthusiasm for a new, tiny, Japanese restaurant called Sakura which has opened in Brading Crescent.


Wansteadium reader Sumit told us: “It’s very small, but I’ve been a few times since it opened and have been impressed, given the price of the fare and the very small space available. For those of us in Aldersbrook it’s nice to have a decent Japanese place at walking distance when we don’t want to go to Sumo Fresh – especially next time Blake Hell roadworks return!

“You’ll see that it’s not really a restaurant, a couple of bar stools to sit on while you wait for your food. But I’ve already been a few times and food seems really good, generous portions and reasonable price. I’m no expert on Japanese food, but it seems pretty authentic. Something a bit different in sleepy Aldersbrook but very welcome.”

Another reader, Val, wrote that they do takeaway as well as collection and hope to be able to develop their area of the pavement to have seating outside in the summer.

We’re delighted to add Sakura to the list of establishments featured in Wanstead is Made in Wanstead.




  • Sakura’s phone number is 020 8530 3749. Its address is 130 Brading Crescent E11 3RS
    and opening times are:
    Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Monday 3 p.m.-10 p.m.
    Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

An Italian feast on its way

Wanstead foodies have a new restaurant to look forward to with the announcement that an “Italian grill concept” will be opening in Snaresbrook in the Spring.

Photos from Bombetta’s Twitter feed

Bombetta (which we think is Italian for bowler hat) will be opening at the new block which has just been built at Snaresbrook station. It intends to serve coffee for commuters in the morning and will open for dinner in the evenings. They will also be preparing artisan cheeses and cured meats forwholesale, but selling to retail at weekends.

This might be enough to entice Wansteadium’s longlost food blogger Suki
Orange out of hibernation. It may also feature in future editions of Wanstead is Made In Wanstead.



The new block at Snaresbrook Tube
The new block at Snaresbrook Tube

The Pig: Cool it…

Marylebone’s Ginger Pig (Photo Ewan Munro, via Flickr/Creative Commons

Time to lower any expectations about the Ginger Pig coming to Wanstead High Street.

The trendy butcher has told the Ilford Recorder that, though several Wanstead folk had encouraged them to come to E11, negotiations haven’t really begun. A spokesman said: “In many cases where there is a particularly large number of enquiries, we feel obliged to look into it. This has certainly been the case with Wanstead…

“We have indeed made very early stage enquiries. That is as far as things have gone at this point, we are not in any lengthy or meaningful discussions with any agent.”

Meanwhile another high quality butcher has apparently ruled out the former AG Dennis shop, saying it needs too much work to justify the rent. Last week Wansteadium reported that the starting rent being sought by agents was £40,000, with £16,000 business rate. As one commenter on our Facebook page wrote: “That’s before you’ve sold a sausage.”