This seems to be the fella

In the middle of the picture? On top of the pole? See the little ball-type camera? 

This appears to be the camera which, it turns out, is being used for parking enforcement on Wanstead High Street. 

There was debate here earlier this week after reader Lloyd reported getting a ticket for dropping someone off while stopping in the bus stop area outside Wanstead Pharmacy. Lloyd was not contesting the fairness of getting a ticket, though some people took it that way. He was pointing out that rules are being enforced by camera as well as by traffic warden, and it’s surely better that everyone knows that so that they won’t make the same mistake.

Bluebell alert

A photo posted by Haroon Anwar (@haroonanwaruk) on

Another amazing shot by our favourite drone photographer Haz Anwar (whose work we have previously seen here and here). This time in Wanstead Park, with a vivid shot of the paths between the bluebells which have been much discussed on this site in the past week.

Wansteadium reader GB was among those concerned that in people’s keenness to take photos of the bluebells some are treading on the flowers or allowing children or pets to do so rather than sticking to the paths.

GB writes:

“I think it’s important to make visitors aware of exactly why they must not walk among the bluebells. It’s because they are bulb root plants whose bulbs are super delicate. It’s not just that the flowers one sees above ground are trampled, it’s more long lasting than that — the pressure of your weight on the soil compacts the soil and damages the delicate bulbs so that they will not grow again in the place they were trampled. Where you walk or sit, they won’t grow again. If enough people trample enough different spots in this wood, no more bluebells next year or after. You can actually kill off the whole lot this way.”

The Wanstead Bluebell Pro-Am photo competition continues though – but we won’t feature any which seem to involve people or animals standing among the flowers. Send your photos to

Wanstead car on screen

This morning wedding 20.4.16 800 x 450 sizeMore on Wanstead’s public profile… though in this case it’s a Wanstead car. Local posh motor hirers Elegance Cars  provided the necessary for a wedding which took place on ITV’s This Morning, and this is the photographic evidence. They have also done similar for a six-part thriller called The Level which is on ITV in the autumn.

ITV wedding 20.4.16 ITV Wedding 20.4.16 1 Cloud ITV THIS MORNINGAppearance noted. Any other Wanstead-related sightings in the media are always welcome at


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