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Flight paths clear in the Wanstead sky

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Does this stunning early morning sky on Monday give a vivid illustration of the proposed changes to flightpaths from London City Airport?

The plan is that, using new technology, planes will follow pretty much exactly the same path rather than spreading out over a wider area. There are two routes, as illustrated on this map, based on whether planes fly left or right out of the airport, which depends on the weather. We explained more about the plan in this article.

(Anyone wishing to plot the contrails on a map – the chimney pot was due south-east exactly. The photograph was taken by a Wansteadium reader living on the Nightingale estate.)


Wrong kind of leaves on the road

IMG_5793.JPGThe combination of autumn leaves and a weekend’s rain gave learner drivers at Hermon Hill an extra obstacle. To say nothing of passing pedestrians.



Another patchwork plot for Wanstead




garden4Gardening heroine Marian Temple, who has transformed several odd little patches of bare earth around Wanstead, writes of her latest venture.

“The brick built beds round the old water fountain near Wanstead Station were built, filled with compost and… well not much else. As is the way with bare earth, they sprouted a fair collection of weeds. Taking advantage of this glorious mild autumn we’re having, Kathy Taylor and I decided it was action time. What a team! Kathy a gardener, the landscape variety and me, not a pro, but between us, we know a thing or two about plantery. Those two beds have light loamy soil and are in full sun. Yippeee! Why wait? Sunday saw us weeding and planting. One bed is full now. Light the blue touch paper and stand well back. The other bed we have ideas about. The council might have some bulbs spare. The other bed would be glorious sown with wild flowers and a cottage garden seed mix. Cheap, easy and high in delight factor.
We will liaise with the council about this but they didn’t seem to have any definite plans in the offing. Money is a factor. Credit to Kathy who brought plants from her garden and allotment. Many thanks too to Daisy the flower shop who passed on their excess to us. The Forget-me-nots, bellis daisies and primulas are from them. Kathy and I reckon we spent about 11 hours between us setting up this bed. We hope Wansteadianss will enjoy it. If you’d like to join in the fun and become a community gardener (no knowledge needed, just come to working parties if and when you can) get in touch with me via marian@wansteadium.com.”


Wanstead weekend photo, CXI

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “At first glance when you look at this picture you will probably think that at last I have slipped off the edge. It looks like a very poor quality photograph indeed. I however like it. The story is, there’s always a story, one of our three local Wanstead garages is closing to make way for a housing development. Sadly it’s located in a really great old building on Church Path which will have to go as I understand it. Fortunately I have photographed the exterior, which you can see here. As I passed by the other day, the doors were firmly shut although I am not sure if they have finally closed. I noticed through the rain splattered windows these two old fashioned oil cans crying out to be pictured. So here you are, garage oil cans through a dirty, rain splattered window. I still like it. I & K Brown, a Wanstead institution, you will be sorely missed by many residents.”

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Wanstead comedy Thursday

Wanstead Comedy Night returns on Thursday evening with headline act Daniel Simonsen.

Tickets are £10. Doors at Wanstead Golf Club open at 8pm. To reserve tickets call Jon on 07950 759587.

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The future of the Queen

britishqueenThe site of the British Queen pub – until earlier this year the Queens British Steak House – could be converted into flats after a run of unsuccessful reinventions.

An application currently before planners (Redbridge ref: 2908/14) is seeking permission to convert the pub building into four self-contained flats, and to construct a new block of flats on the car park. In total there would be 10 two-bedroom flats, and two three-bedroom flats.

The Queen’s British Steak House restaurant closed down in the spring having changed hands a number of times since its days as the British Queen pub. Records for the pub on that site go back at least until the 1870s and possibly further. It is currently being used as a branch of Grill Garden.

The planning documents say the goals for the scheme are to “redevelop an unviable commercial site into high quality residential accommodation” It would, the application says, make “a positive contribution to the surrounding street environment and residential area” and “fill an incongruous gap” in the street.

It would also, it says, “preserve a characterful Victorian building for future generations”.

A number of residents have objected to the scheme on grounds including that it would “ruin the character of the Wanstead area” and create noise and disturbance. One resident does “welcome the new development… as an opportunity to tidy the area up as local residents have put up with an awful lot of inconvenience and noise from the British Queen over the years” (a sentence which, outside the context of New Wanstead, would possible constitute treason).

The issue of parking does pose some problems, though, since the plan includes only 10 parking spaces and one disabled space for the entire development.

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Wanstead weekend photo, CX

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “I really don’t mind taking pictures when it’s raining. Combine that with evening light and you quite often have a recipe for success. So when it rained yesterday I grabbed my camera and shot out of the Gallery. I didn’t have to go very far, coming along Nightingale Lane was this mother pushing her baby in a buggy, I thought it made a lovely rainy night picture.”

PS. No prizes to anyone for not spotting our Roman numerical error last week: CVIX does not compute.


Tree arrives

Wanstead’s first crowdfunded Christmas tree has arrived and is now in place. The traditional switching-on ceremony will be at 4pm on 29 November. (Photo: Katie.)


Patience, people

IMG_5761.JPGResurfacing is starting on Wanstead High Street. A time for cool heads and patience probably.